I Ran Today (10)

R. James Miller
2 min readNov 22, 2022
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My goal right now is to find something to be proud about with every run. I’m sure over time that thing I’m proud of most of the time will just be the fact that I ran. Today, I’m proud that I only took one day off before resuming running. The first week after I started running again, I took six days off before resuming. Last week, I took two days off before getting back after it. This week, I reduced it to only one day off. I ran on Saturday, took a full recovery day on Sunday and was back out again on Monday.

Because I was able to get out there today, I now know I should be able to do at least four runs this week, if not more. Considering all the calories and carbs I expect to take in on Thanksgiving, four or five runs would be a great way to offset the day of feasting. In the past, I loved doing a nice long run on Thanksgiving morning to feel like I earned a second plate of turkey and mashed potatoes. I’m looking forward to resuming that tradition this year.

Today’s run was nothing spectacular. I had to squeeze in a 10-minute recovery run between the time I finished working and the time the Cardinals/49ers football game started. Ten minutes isn’t the run I wanted but it was the run I could do. As the Nike Run Club coaches constantly say, “Sometimes it isn’t about the run you want to do, it’s about the run you can do” and “something is always better than nothing”.

I like these quotes especially something always being better than nothing. It’s easy to not do anything for a day, but it’s only slightly less easy to do something small (like a 10-minute run). A minimal effort can turn a day of nothing, into a day of progress. Every run has a purpose and the purpose of today’s run was to make sure tomorrow’s run wasn’t the first of the week. I know I’ll feel better when I do tomorrow’s run because I shook off the weekend rust a day earlier this week. Tomorrow’s run will kick ass because I ran today.

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