I Tried Edibles and It Wasn’t a Nightmare

R. James Miller
10 min readApr 18, 2021

My First Experience with Weed in 18 Years

The last time I touched weed in any form I was a sophomore in college. As difficult as it is to grasp, that was nearly 18 years ago. A child born the night I last smoked pot is now only three years away from being able to legally purchase it in the state of Arizona. Holy shit, things have changed since those days!

My History with Weed

I was never big on smoking weed. I did it a few times while I was in high school, usually after having large amounts of alcohol. I can only think of three times in my entire life I did it without mixing it with booze. The first experience was kind of enjoyable. A friend and I were trying to buy beer from one of our normal bootleggers. When we came to pick up our case of Bud Light there was a joint being passed around the apartment. We each took a couple of turns through the rotation. We spent the night laughing and constantly repeating the phrase: “I’m laughing because you’re laughing.”

That experience wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t love that I felt really dumb the next day. That would be a common experience for me when I smoked weed either by itself or while drinking alcohol. I always felt really dumb for a day or two. This is one of the two reasons I stayed away from weed most of my life.

The other reason was the insane amount of paranoia I would feel during my next two experiences with weed minus alcohol. The next time, I was smoking with a couple of people I didn’t typically hang out with in high school. We were driving on a country road taking hits off a pipe. I found a pair of sunglasses in the back of the car with yellow tint. I remember feeling like I was in the movie Traffic as we cruised down gravel roads.

I was having a pretty good time until we got back into town. Again we were laughing uncontrollably as we rolled into a gas station to get food. As I was paying for a pizza, a cop entered the store. I come from a small town so not only did I know the cop, but I talked to him pretty often. However, I had not ever spoken with him while stoned, nor did I have any desire to do so.

I paid for my pizza and sat down at one of the tables with the rest of the people I had been hanging out with. The joyful high had been replaced…

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