What It Was Like to Watch or Listen to 5 Days of Impeachment Hearings

R. James Miller
7 min readNov 22, 2019
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Other than the Congressmen and Congresswomen who sat in the hearing room for the last two weeks, I don’t think there are too many people who watched or listened to every minute of the impeachment hearings that started last week. One fortunate (or quite possibly unfortunate) benefit of my decision to take a break from corporate life is that I have a lot of time to watch all of the hearings the Trump administration has brought me thus far.

I watched Jeff Sessions get owned by everyone who asked him questions before the Dems even had control of one legislative body. I was there for what I consider the beginning of the Mueller Report, a day of Jim Comey testimony. I saw Michael Cohen admit to committing crimes on behalf of the President. Basically, it has been a few banner years for Congressional testimony looking like daytime drama television.

These last two weeks have been the pinnacle of it all (so far). I suffered through every excruciating minute of it either laying in bed when my 6:50 AM MST alarm went off, listening to it as on my phone as I walked my dog every morning, sitting on my couch eating breakfast, or driving in my car as I did my food delivery gig work. I even listened to it on my Sirius XM app just so I could pause the stream when I went into restaurants or walked up to a customer’s house.

For someone with a mood disorder, it was pure torture at times. I cannot tell you how many times I sat in my car and screamed “That makes no fucking sense, Jim Jordan (or Devin Nunes or Elise Stefanik, et al.) Yes, I lean left but I tried really hard to hear out the Republican arguments until they made absolutely no fucking sense at all and I had no choice but to scream out at the stupidity of what I was hearing.

So as I look at Facebook/Twitter post after post from people who I know didn’t watch or listen to anything that wasn’t fed up to them by Fox News or MSNBC, I wanted to offer my insights/opinions as someone who suffered through it all.

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